How To Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins

If this is your first time buying NBA Live Coins online, you’re probably wondering how the process is possible right now. Here at, we’d like to make this process as easy as possible to understand so that your mind can be at ease.

In short, we essentially buy a worthless player from you for the same amount of coins you wish to buy.

Step-By-Step Guide for buying NBA Live Mobile Coins!

1. Load up the game as normal on your iOS or Android device.

2. From the menu bar on the left, head to ‘Auctions’ as highlighted in the below screenshot:

3. In the header section on this next page, select ‘Sell’ in order to be able to list one of your worthless players.

4. This will take you to the Selling page, which allows you to post a player up for auction, so we can later purchase him from you. Next, sell a worthless/unwanted player here, and set the general parameters as below:
Starting Bid: 1234
Duration: 24 hours
Buy Now Price: EXACTLY the same amount of coins you have purchased, for example if you have purchased 100,000 NBA Live Coins, post your player as the below screenshot shows:

Please ensure to post your player with a Starting Bid price of 1234, and make sure that the Buy Now price is exactly the amount of NBA Coins which you have purchased from us in your order.

5. Provide us with the following details of the PLAYER you have posted during the checkout stage on our site where we will prompt you for your: NBA Player Name, Team, Position, Bid and Buy Now Price. This allows us to easily identify and purchase your player and, in doing so, you will be provided with the amount of NBA Live Mobile Coins that you have purchased.

6. Finally, complete your order by securely paying through out world-wide recognized payment processor – PayPal.

7. As soon as we receive your order, we begin to search the auction house for your player with the search criteria you’ve provided us on step 5. We swiftly identify your player and purchase him and mark your order as complete. Consequently, you’ll receive an email to let you know that your NBA Mobile Coins have been delivered.

8. Your account will then be credited with the amount of NBA Live coins purchased, enabling you to spend them on whatever your heart desires!


Please note: We do not cover EA’s 10% tax.